Errant Traders

Session Eight: Too many factions!

- Meeting with Kate Blanchett goes smoothly, shows off secret treasure cube
- Offers her key to cube if we acquire the other two
- Using Echo’s Mind Probe information, scientist leads us to church
- On the way, broken stairs, ninja roped down
- Spoke to Priest-man, got directed to Radclip by him.
- Directed to bar by Englaussie salesman. Radclip inside with “butchers”
- Radclip about to get into shootout. Karak roars to catch attention
- Thale fumbles stun grenade but stuns most/whole of room
- Group takes Radclip’s special gun and key, then leaves before bloodbath
- Moves on to Gundecks to find Mechanicussy group’s place
- Find Marxist folks rioting against hideout
- Slip through with clever Bender quotes, Thale swoons Blondie
- Negotiate deal with Leader of Mechanicussy group, 100 servitors for key
- Return to Kate Blanchett, sleep the night off
- Ceremony next day, three keys added to cube device
- Keypad exposed, recorded projection plays
- Priest-man starts a fight, hits Argustus for reasonable damage
- Ceremonial crew slaughtered by Karak
- Priest-man subdued by Thale and Echo
- Fight over, data accessed, promised to be spread umongst the people
- Hidden inside data is fragment of something important, I don’t know, shit

((((((( MORE LATER BITCHES )))))))



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