Errant Traders

Session Four: The Inadvisability of Raiding Grace


  • A further attempt at acquiring a new crew for the Fell Hand thwarted by a lack of wealth
  • Aesteban retrieved the cortical stacks of the dead techpriest, gaining data relating to the location of a long-lost Ramiles-class star fort in the God-Emperor’s Scourge, a massive roiling warp storm to the galactic southwest of Footfall
  • Curiosity piqued by rumours of a planet known as Grace in the nearby area
  • Suddenly, Ork Raiders!
  • Impiety’s Penalty fights off three ships!
  • She got shot up pretty bad though :(
  • Onward, to the Tabernacle of Angevin’s Wrath!
  • A signal from the station attempts to take over the ship’s augers!
  • Time for some overwhelming force! Guardsmen, investigate that station!
  • Massive servitor butchers 50 men!
  • To the bridge!
  • A cadaverous figure draped in red robes hauls himself out of the command throne, augmetic eyes blazing white-hot!



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