Errant Traders



  • Aesteban moved into the Fell Hand, refusing to explain his actions
  • The crew limped the Hand back to Footfall, to make repairs and acquire a replacement crew
  • Successful bar-room investigation revealed that the bulk of a small raider’s critical crew had been incarcerated in the station’s jails for the unforgivable crime of being moneyless in a trade city
  • Attempts at coercing the local Arbites into releasing the crew into the ownership after a recent string of acquisition attempts overstrained the group’s profit, leading only to a promise that their sentence would be delayed for several months
  • Meanwhile, Echo had been searching for synthetic muscle grafts to improve his survivability in combat for at least a while
  • Unfortunately for him, he attracted the attentions of another
  • A day later, his absence was finally noticed
  • Thale’s spies knew where he went
  • To the butcher’s lane!
  • Big plasteel door is big!
  • Small vent is small!
  • Thale is malleable and snakelike!
  • Thale explores the area and encounters a whirling fan of servo-skull death!
  • HaHA, explosions!
  • Servitors don’t think collapsing vents are worth noticing
  • Loud noises make Karaak mad! When he’s mad, things break!
  • The door collapses under karak’s mighty foot!
  • Servitors vs explorers!
  • Explore the facility! Find echo!
  • Whole lotta nothin’, boss
  • Oh god why is this corridor booby-trapped
  • Thale’s shield is not immune to point-blank autogun fire
  • Neither is his body!
  • Blam blam! Autoguns can’t shoot without targeting optics!
  • Titus attempts to throw a grenade again, with the expected results!
  • Karak hate fire!
  • Everything will burn, including oil!
  • To the corridor of death!
  • Karak needs no dodge, he shall merely walk through the hail of bullets!
  • Well, frak. How do we open the door?
  • Karak attempts the kiss of life
  • Psychically dominated techpriests still don’t like it when their charges attempt to escape!
  • That’s a pretty rifle!
  • That’s a pretty big hole in the servitor!
  • ~Fin

Eesh. This one could be tricky to write.



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