"Echo" Godwinne Quinilli

Silent but imposing Astropath


White, blank, sightless eyes.
Long, thin, fallen silver hair.
Young but worn, pallid skin.
Heavy, long sleeved robes, worn over shaped (and suspiciously intricate) power armour.
Handles a body-height staff, though his hands stay hidden inside his sleeves.
The staff is an heirloom of the Quinilli family.

Quiet demeanour. Hyper observant.
Shows signs of severe psychological burden, likely due to trauma.

Homeworld, Penal World: -5 Will, +5 Per, +5 T, -5 Fel, Security (Ag) untrained basic, Intimidate (S) trained, Peer (Underworld), -20 to Interaction with authority, Once a game lower common-ness level of an acquisition by one, though the item is likely stolen, Light Sleeper, 1d5 Insanity Points.

Birthright, Fringe Survivor (Survivalist) 300xp: 3 Per, trained Survival (Int), +1 Fate Point, 1d51 Insanity points.

Lure of the Void, Chosen by Destiny: Fated for Greatness, 1 Fate point, 1d101 Insanity Points.

Trials and Travails, Dark Voyage: Add a forbidden Lore or increase a known forbidden lore. 1d5 insanity.

Motivation, Devotion (Loyalty) 100xp: Trade (Voidfarer) trained, +5 Will & +5 Fel on our ship.

Lineage, Witch-Born (Proven to be Pure) 100xp: Resistance (Psychic Techniques), may purchase a Psychic technique for xp cost.

Wounds Roll: 2xT + (1d5+1= 5) = 13 starting wounds
Fate Points pool: Rolled 10 = 4, + 2 = 6 starting fate points
Insanity Pool: 1d5 + (1d10+1) + 1d5 + (1d5+1)= 24 Starting Insanity
Corruption Pool: 5 = 5 Starting Corruption
Malignancy: Witch Mark (Minor deformity, easy to hide, obvious sign of mutation if found)

Stat Pools: Starting Stats:
Weapon Skill roll 18 (25) = 43 -3 = 40
Ballistic Skill roll 3 (
25) = 28 -3 = 25
Strength roll 16 (25) = 41 = 41
Toughness roll 15 (
25) = 40 5 = 45
Agility roll 10 (
25) = 35 = 35
Intelligence roll 15 (25) = 40 = 40
Perception roll 7 (
25) = 32 5 +3 = 40
Willpower roll 20 (
25) = 45 -5 = 40
Fellowship roll 6 (+25) = 31 -5 = 26


In the Josian Reach, on the world of Hredrin, the family Quinilli is a truely ancient one. Their most remarkable quality being their long and unbroken line of powerful psykers. Even the call to the Emperor’s choir couldn’t prevent the line’s continuation and the birth of the next psyker. By pure coincidence or mad design, the coupling in the family line was never betwixt two psykers. This continuation was broken finally when Macharius Quinilli wed Cymbry Tarvanna.

This pairing, surely a boon to the potential power of the psyker to be born from them, proved to be a source of great dismay and fear for the many other psyker families and any figure of Imperial authority wise enough to recognise the danger of overly powerful psykers. Fearing any child born of their coupling would inevitably create a rift into the warp with its unbridled power, but unable to execute members of such dominant and long-running families, the other powerful families of Hredrin encouraged a less scrupulous Rogue Trader to transport the Psykers Quinilli to a distant place, under a thinly veiled guise of generosity. This place would ultimately be, however, the wasteland prison planet of Maleziel. The Hredrin families involved would continue to pay great sums of thrones to ensure the Imperium never let the couple leave this place, that their superstitious paranoia might be made to rest.

Cymbry gives birth to Godwinne not long after their abandonment on Maleziel. Banished by their own family and now burdened with an uncertain child, the family Quinilli opt to remain on Maleziel, their psykic prowess more than a match for its dangers and unsavoury populace while its harsh locale would likely serve to protect their child from the prying eyes of those that might take interest in him. However, as with all things in the Koronus Expanse, their place there was forgotten. Those guarding the secret and paying the favours amongst the families of Hredrin were dead to a man, seemingly by natural causes but, as if by the will of the Emperor himself, within days of one another. Thus the pact that the Maleziel Quinilli could never leave their dirtball home ceased, and the remaining Quinilli of Hredrin continued their line with no knowledge of their lost brethren.

This “forgetting” coincided with Godwinne’s coming of age, who had grown into a capable man of wit and guile. The harsh terrain of Maleziel had birthed in him the instincts of a true survivor, but the greater skill he learned was from his parents, who ensured (just to be careful) that he understand and limit the excesses of his potentially catastrophic psyker’s mind. Godwinne himself, despite following their teachings to the letter, thought their actions overprotective and unnecessary, though when he mentioned to them in his youth that he could hear not just sounds from great distances, but sounds before the source had made them, they were wary but otherwise openly proud. They nicknamed him “Echo” then, a moniker he grew to appreciate and openly use with those he encountered.

It had been a hard growing up for Echo. Despite his parents’ efforts, contact with the mixed criminality of Maleziel was inevitable. While forming contacts and potentially long-lasting sources of low-trade and learning to tolerate and sometimes respect criminals for their abilities, he butted heads with one Tristan Theodore. A burly and often foolish sort, he was at odds with Echo the moment the pair met, though those circumstances were far from typical.

Tristan had once again concocted a foolhardy plan to rob another thug who was slightly better off than he was, but as Tristan’s plans typically went, he was discovered by his target and a fist fight ensued. As the pair tumbled out onto the street, many locals including Echo were present to watch the skirmish. Musclemen of the richest bosses, who passed as the law on Maleziel, stood by and watched the entertainment unfold. Such “personal justice” was perfectly fine on Maleziel as long as the victim won the fight and death was only the punishment in severe enough cases. And truely this was a rare occasion where Tristan was about to lose a fight, but it seemed his intended victim had the upper hand.

It was around this point that Echo experienced a familiar phenomena, he heard the sounds of a gun being cocked and fired, as loudly as if it had happened in the street before him, though no gun was to be seen. He knew this prophetic sense was once again offering him an opportunity and without hesitation Echo called out the presence of a gun. Indeed Tristan, lying battered in the street, was drawing a cleverly concealed compact Stub Automatic, raising it at his victorious foe. A gunshot rung out in the street, but it came not from Tristan’s firearm, but one of the Musclemen who had been watching. He had fired and caught Tristan in his gun arm, disarming him before he could fire. He was then beset by a number of observers, writhing furiously under their attempts to apprehend him.

Echo’s precognition had obviously allowed enough time for Tristan’s disarming. His disatisfaction was therefore directed at Echo for his interference. Though Tristan swore vengeance it never got the chance to escalate from more than harsh words. Tristan was taken from Maleziel; not even he knew why, until his arrival at the Theodore Dynasty steps. There he was presented with a warrant of trade as the sole heir of the dying dynasty. He would not return to Maleziel.

Within a year of Echo’s coming of age and the deaths of all who feared his existence, the first Imperial ship arrived, one of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica, waving warrants of the Black Ship Tithe and taking away the few psykers that Maleziel had to offer. Echo’s parents were unable to successfully mask their notorious psyker status from detection, though they were able to keep their family connection with the Hredrin Quinilli a secret, having shed all ties with the family that abandoned them. It was at this point that Echo was parted from his parents, his youth better served amongst the vessels of the Koronus Expanse, than the communications choir to whom his parents were destined. Genuinely Echo was glad to be leaving Maleziel where there was limited safety but no future. His parents didn’t see it that way.

Echo spent much time on various administrative and psyker-testing vessels, being thoroughly documented and sanctioned, culminating after a number of years in his soul binding to the Emperor. The vessel he spent the most time languishing on was an Imperial Light Cruiser by the name of The Rising Blade. It is on this ship he befriends an Engineer called Genevie Katyaina, and they grow close quickly. Unfortunately they are parted just as suddenly when Echo’s first charge is given to him by a short tempered but authoritative Admiral named Marcella Janelle. After reading his records she sceptically bets on Echo’s latent power and deems him worthy to serve on The Penitent Cathedra, an enormous Cruiser, on which she had secretly stowed a significant hoard of contraband bought with borrowed money, sufficient in quantity to be worth more than her life.

As the aspiring young Astropath is journeying on The Penitent Cathedra to a dark corner of the Koronus Expanse, the ship’s navigator is slain by his mysteriously maddened apprentice who then turns the blade on himself. Adrift and lost in space, it falls on Echo to sing a beacon loud enough for their rescue, though most of the crew knows that such an event is notoriously unlikely. The ship’s resources wane quickly, and the vessel is forced to travel at its best speeds in the hope of finding a planet with resources before the crew dies of thirst or starvation.

Through this effort the ship comes upon a planet that, unbeknownst to the crew is coursing with Genestealers. They send down scouting craft but quickly retreat upon discovery of this. However, typical of Genestealers, a few get on board. Within hours the brood begins to swell and Echo watches (and often flees) as the crew is slain or infested with the Genestealer gene. The handler of Admiral Janelle’s secret stash is one of the first to be turned. Desperate and terrified, Echo recklessly calls upon his psyker abilities and elicits an effect of a magnitude he had clearly never caused before, nor would manage again. His efforts tear a rift into the Warp itself, The Penitent Cathedra protects the conflicted occupants just enough that the ship is thrust into the Warp, almost entirely intact. With the Gellar field fluctuating dangerously the massive ship is rapidly filled with cackling, bloodthirsty Chaos spawn which immediately begin joyously battling the Genestealers and the few original crew that remain. With few alternatives, Echo delves deep into the ship’s underdecks to avoid encounters with Chaos and Genestealer alike.

Though the many terrors within the ship have scarred Echo’s psyche almost irreparably, his latent survivor’s instincts drive him desperately through the ship. Through nearly unimaginable good fortune he comes upon one of the last surviving crew, a mechanic cowering in a dark place. With no time or patience for the man’s manic ravings he extracts from him directions to the Warp Drive’s chamber, before dragging the mechanic along with him. Echo’s fortune continues when the mechanic manages to jury rig the Warp Drive so that they might return to real space. With death by Genestealers alone preferable to death by Chaos and Genestealers, they fire up the drive and, much to their relief, the ship is plucked from the warp.

With no reason to remain on the infested hulk, Echo and his terrified companion plan a path to the lighter bays, fancying their chances better drifting hungry through space alone than with a horde of hungry Genestealers. The journey is long and hard, often slowed by the need to remain silent as prowling Genestealers pass. The mechanic proves to be far more of a liability than assistance and in one rather torturous moment, Echo is forced to abandon him to the maws of Genestealers when his manic yelps become too much. Echo’s cowardice is rewarded when he finally reaches the lighter bays. The sound of the rear hatch of a lighter opening calls a lone Genestealer to Echo’s position, and before he can manage to close the hatch behind him, he is grappled and bitten by the Genestealer in what proves to be implantation, rather than a fatal strike. The pain of this ordeal causes Echo to black out.

He is awoken by a vox casting from the cockpit of the lighter. Coming to his senses and closing the now otherwise empty lighter’s hatch, he clambers into the cockpit seat and responds to the vox cast. A Rogue Trader has stumbled upon the drifting hulk and is attempting to confirm if any of The Penitent Cathedra’s crew are still alive. Echo informs the Rogue Trader of the situation, the attack, the condition of the ship… but omits the events that would compromise Echo’s chances of rescue. The Rogue Trader warily complies and as he sends a shuttle to secure Echo, the Astropath hurriedly and agonisingly extracts the pulsing parasite in his chest, before cauterising the wound, covering his chest and collapsing.

Echo’s ditch effort at cleansing would ultimately succeed, allowing him to keep his injured state unnoticed, however much of the damage had already been done. Unbeknownst to him his DNA structure had been significantly altered towards that of a Genestealer but far more obviously his fingers had sprouted into overlapping chitinous plates that ended in sharp claws. This obvious sign of heresy would become a secret burden for Echo, though not the only one. He would continue to be plagued by nightmares of the horrible memories he’d made on The Penitent Cathedra and occasionally when his surroundings were close enough to absolute silence, he could hear the demanding whispers of the unfathomably distant Hive Mind.

The Lord Captain Argustus Clawface asked few questions, though issued a guard to watch Echo in the earlier days on board, in case he showed signs of Genestealer conversion or cult interest. Satisfied with time that this was not the case, the Rogue Trader befriended and confided in the Astropath and Echo quickly began to think of the ship as home, feeling a life debt to the one that saved him.

"Echo" Godwinne Quinilli

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