Karak "The Snake"

Armoured Lizard-like mutant


Elongated snout.
No nose, slits in side of snout for nostrils.
Dark Grey/Green Scaly skin, ridges down spine.
Forked tongue.
Two prominent fangs, rows of smaller teeth.
Bony claws at the end of each finger.
Long lizard like tail.
Vertical slit Pupils.
Cold blooded

Plate mail armour, Dark matte red, almost black.
Thick, heavy cloak over armour to conceal tail.


On an icy wasteland known as Firax IV where howling blizzards rage across the shattered ruins of an ancient civilization, tribesmen with little or no understanding of the technology they use eke out a living from the forbidding landscape.

Unbeknownst to the primitives, an ancient Explorator vessel slumbered within one of the largest glaciers of the planet, surrounded by an extensive tunnel network from numerous fruitless attempts to dig free. Of the original crew, a single Magos Biologis survived with a smattering of servitors. After millennia trapped in this icy prison, Magos Marius Tenesaile began to create abominations, vat grown monsters with part human, part animal DNA harvested from the vessel’s genebanks. The first experiments expired quickly as their heavily altered DNA caused strange complications. Soon however the process was perfected and these vat grown creations became more stable, able to be used as expendable slave labour to survive the frozen tunnel network in an attempt to free the vessel. However after years of digging into the glacial ice, the glacier began to crack. All it took was one earthquake to shatter and collapse many of the tunnels, killing most of the slaves caught within and opening giant fissures through the ice.

The surviving mutants were cut off from the vessel and so banded together and attempted to find a way to the surface, something almost mythological to those who have lived their entire lives underground. By the time the ragged band of survivors reached the surface, the weaker amongst them had already died and in turn been eaten by their erstwhile companions. The survivors began a desperate trek across the barren landscape in search of food but almost immediately a howling blizzard set in, causing them to seek shelter in an ice cave.

After several days, the blizzard showed no sign of abating and the survivors were growing hungry. They began to see each other less as companions and more as walking meals. Soon after, the inevitable happened and the mutants turned on one another, scattering into the ice caves extensive tunnel network and hunting each other, using their inherited animal instincts to pick off the weaker of their number until only the strongest and most vicious remained. The eventual victor was the cold blooded reptilian killer known as Karak, who only days after the blood bath stumbled across a group of tribesmen who also inhabited the tunnel network. His initial instinct to kill and eat the entire group was halted by them immediately falling to their knees in worship and providing him with the carcass of a large mammal they had recently killed. Once he had feasted, the tribesmen led Karak back to their village where he was welcomed as an avatar of the Snake God, whom these technobarbaric tribesmen worshipped.

There was a great feast in honour of his arrival and many gifts were lavished upon him, including an ancient suit of armour, a pair of primitive appearing pistols and a massive chainaxe, known as Gorefather. The tribal elders began to question Karak about when he would lead their warriors against the Great Enemy, as it was foretold by their shamans that the snake god would send a vessel to them to purge the land of a twisted monster, lurking in the depths of the ice. Karak immediately saw the implications of this and vowed to lead their warriors back into the glacier to exterminate his twisted creator.

After the blizzard has passed, Karak led his warriors forth from the caves and down the great glacial fissures to the entombed starship, ready to face the innumerable horrors that dwelled within. Fighting through hordes of mutants sent to stop their passage, Karak and his warriors made their way to the Cogitator Core, confronted by another sea of mutants ringed around the central platform upon which rested the Magos himself. With a mighty roar, Karak plunged into the roiling sea of bodies, Gorefather cleaving a passage through their hideously mutated forms, his clansmen close behind. With a swathe of corpses in his wake, Karak gained a foothold on the core’s central platform, the surviving clansmen keeping the mutant horde at bay while he faced his creator. Blackened tattered robes hung from Magos Marius Tennesaile’s biomechanical form, a writhing mass of snake like appendages fanning out behind him.

The twisting mass of mechanical tentacles lashed out at Karak as he attempted to fight his way through, cutting, biting, tripping him up. He forced himself on, pistols long since spent, Gorefather’s diamond like teeth tearing through mechadendrites as his unstoppable charge smashed into Marius’ augmented form. With one final swing it was done; Gorefather’s massive head burying itself deep within Marius’ torso, cutting through steel and adamantium as if it were paper. The writhing mass of metallic snakes went rigid then crashed to the ground as Marius folded down limply, the last spark of life snuffed out. The mutant horde drew back in fear as Karak and his clansmen retraced the trail of destruction left previously, their creator’s vital fluids still dripping from Gorefather’s now idling teeth. Karak knew this respite would not last long and it was time to make a hasty retreat, as they exited the chamber and slammed the door shut, a colossal roar of thousands of bestial voices echoed throughout the ship. Running headlong down unfamiliar corridors, Gorefather’s mighty teeth tearing through any mutant foolish enough to stand in their way, they came to an abrupt dead end; banks of doors to either side of them peered into small chambers with visions of the ice beyond but the control pads were unresponsive and any attempt to force the doors failed.

A mighty rumbling rocked the ship as if some great beast was awakening from its eternal slumber, through the vision slits, Karak could see the ice slickening and beginning to crack and melt and is some great heat or force were acting upon it, it was then that the mutant horde found them. Karak plunged headlong into the horde, Gorefather splattering vital fluids across the corridor, hewing down any mutant stupid enough to come within reach. When after what seemed like hours, but was more than likely a few minutes at most, the horde drew back in fear. Karak atop a pile of mutant bodies felt dismay as Gorefather gave one last sputtering gasp as its power cell ran dry, it deadly teeth going still and becoming no more that sharp edges on a very heavy club. It was now in their darkest hour, that power came back to the control pads beside the doors, as the horde charged back down the corridor towards the survivors. Piling quickly into to one of the small chambers and slamming the door shut, they discovered no way out. There were supplies and sleeping quarters but this did not help them if a big enough mutant appeared that could smash the door in. Almost ready to give up and eat the barrel of his pistol, Karak spied what appeared to be a control centre next to the view port. Examining the controls, he decided that anything was better than nothing and pushed the large red button in the centre of the panel.

The survivors were thrown to the back of the chamber as it violently burst free from the ship, smashing a path through the weakened ice and up through the atmosphere, out into space. They drifted for days, coming closer and closer to one of the inexorable warp storms that surrounded the planet, with no way to alter the course of the escape vessel, the remaining survivors were forced to sit and watch the roiling play of energy, coming ever close to the viewport. When they were inevitably sucked into the storm, what felt like centuries played out in seconds; most of the clansmen aged then withered and rotted away till only their bones remained almost instantaneously. Karak and the tribal leader were visited with visions of the future, fragments of possible realities flashing endlessly before their eyes. Only moments later the escape pod burst into realspace, a colossal ship looming in the viewport, the gaping maw of its hanger bay directly in front in its path. The escape vessel smashed onto the flight deck and sent flyers and space craft skittering across the deck as no more that twisted scrap metal.

Upon exiting the shattered remains of the escape vessel Karak and the lone surviving tribesman were met with hundreds of gun-barrels aimed at them and an imposing man, his face a mask of fury. They were disarmed and unceremoniously dumped in the ships brig, awaiting Argustus Clawface’s inevitable wrath. Almost a week later they were brought before Argustus, to answer for the damage done to the ship. After a lengthy trial Karak and the tribal chieftain were sentenced to serve aboard the ship until the debt for the damage was payed; Karak purchased the chieftain’s freedom by agreeing to serve until his part of the debt was also payed.

Karak quickly proved himself to be a worthy warrior in battle and has risen to the point where he is now one of Argustus Clawface’s most trusted followers and guardians; Karak however knows that after already serving many decades his debt is almost discharged and what he chooses to do after that day comes… Is up to him.

Karak "The Snake"

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