Viril Zentrae

Prideful scion of the Zentrae Navigator clan


Viril Zentrae was at first just the next Navigator born from the Zentrae clan bloodline. In his youth he experienced first-hand the wealth of gifts typically lavished upon Navigators for their wholly essential services. Viril took to this decadent lifestyle with fervour, believing it his right to revel in the finer things before finally serving on a vessel as all Navigators inevitably do.

To this end, Viril began a plan of sorts. He used as many years of freedom as he had left to spawn a significant brood of children, in the hope that most of them would be born Navigators too. He left instructions for those that were, insisting they focus on increasing the Zentrae line, garner favour wherever possible and limit their exposure to the kind of decadence to which he had become accustomed.

Before he could watch his children grow to age, reality finally caught up to Viril and he was given a post on a vessel of the Imperial navy. “The Thunderous Gauntlet” was decent enough for Viril, though he noted the ship’s Admiral was short tempered and had a number of secret and somewhat criminal agendas. Viril was their Navigator for only a few uneventful journeys when the ship’s Astropath reported a weak signal from one of the Admiral’s slaver mines. An SOS that they were in imminent strife.

The Admiral insisted they break from their current duties and travel there immediately. Abandoning the small space battle they had joined, Viril opened his warp eye to the immaterium. As always, Viril saw the endless expanse of burning buildings, a raging inferno all around him that reinforced in him the danger of unplanned travel. He focussed his mind and through the choking blackness in the sky above a great lance of light began to shine brightly. With the Astronomicon as a reference point it was as if Viril suddenly knew exactly which street of burning buildings he was on. With that, he thought of his destination, relative to the Astronomicon and his own position and before him the searing heat and glow of buildings parted and a clear path was now before him. With this he guided The Thunderous Gauntlet on its way.

Viril had been certain the journey would take all of a few days, but by the end of the second day, disaster struck. What Viril saw in his mind as he travelled the burning path of the warp was a great winged figure descending from the sky above. Surrounded by the dense smoke Viril could not make out what the great creature was, though he was sure it was a sign of danger like all such things were in the immaterium. He looked away, pleading for the Emperor’s grace to spare him good fortune. Unfortunately he looked back down the path only just in time to see a great portal open, a deep blue sphere cracking with energy. He had not the time to stop or even think of relaying the danger to the crew of The Thunderous Gauntlet, before stepping through.

The ship itself as well had plummeted prow first into this abyss of energy, though to Viril’s great relief it seemed almost harmless. After what felt like a few brief seconds of darkness, his warp eye closed and The Thunderous Gauntlet returned to materium space at its destination. Viril left his sanctum and stepped into the bridge, beginning to relay that something unusual had occurred. But the Admiral wasn’t listening. He had already begun openly vox casting for some reply from the mining colony and sending combat lighters to the surface of the enormous asteroid to investigate. There was no reply to his inquiries.

It was a tense few moments before the ground teams finally reported their findings. But not only did they relay that the slave mine was utterly ruined, stripped of all valuable equipment and manpower, but the scouting teams seemed certain that the damage had been done years prior. With this revelation, the Admiral requested his Astropath signal for the current date. When the reply arrived it was dire. They had been in the warp for almost three hundred years.

The Admiral pushed for more information and each relay reported worse results for his many wealthy interests. Territories that had been bought by opportunistic Traders, colonies that had abandoned their home before it failed completely, secret tradings of contraband that had long since been discovered by more responsible members of the Imperial Military. The Admiral’s wealth had been stripped to practically nothing and his name was that of a fugitive and a joke.

The Admiral seemed to take this news rather well, assuring his crew that they would still be paid for their efforts and that the Imperium would gladly welcome them back into the fold. He whispered something to his second in command, then beckoned Viril to follow him for a private discussion. As they walked, the Admiral spoke about plans to re-establish his interests, live beyond the will of the Imperium if necessary and the specifics of the journey ahead. By the time he seemed close to finishing they were standing before the vessel’s escape craft. Before Viril could ask why he was being told all this the Admiral gave him a swift, rib-cracking kick to the chest, knocking Viril into one of the open escape craft.

Viril could only vaguely hear the long chain of furious curses and blame that the Admiral spat into the pod after him. When he finished his tirade the pod door closed and Viril was launched down to the surface of the now lifeless mining asteroid. Like most well equipped ships of the Imperium, The Thunderous Gauntlet had an extra Navigator to continue their journey with, and they left the system before Viril even hit the surface. Unfortunately The Thunderous Gauntlet travelled straight into the maw of a warp whale on that very journey and was never seen again.

Viril was left to ponder his failure (and to assign blame to anyone but himself), and try to scavenge some centuries-old food. Though the small hydroponics greenhouse at the mine was overgrown with untended vegetation, Viril didn’t have to partake of them that long. A mining tycoon came upon the abandoned rock within the day, and while working to establish a new outpost on the surface, he had Viril brought onto his ship. Viril lied an incredibly convincing tale for his abandonment on the Asteroid and earnt passage on the ship to return to civilised space.

A number of journeys later, Viril finally made his way back to the Zentrae home. The thought of his sparkling legacy had kept him positive on his travels, but what he discovered there mortified him. His first son, a navigator born, had taken up his father’s mantle when he became of age. He had ignored most of his father’s wishes and partaken of great quantities of wealth and luxury. Worse still, he had developed a self-destructive agenda, having any of his brothers and sisters that were not possessing of the Navigator gene killed, and insisting that those that remain undergo severe gene-manipulation in an effort to augment their abilities and create a stronger line. This renegade attitude had thrown the Viril Zentrae line into disrepute, and with such preoccupation with illegal sciences, none of Viril’s spawn had served as a Navigator in his long absence. The wealth and favour of the house had dwindled beyond repair.

Viril opted to leave the line behind rather than shame the other Zentrae families further. He sought the employ of the first Rogue Trader he could find, though before doing so vowed to find his first born son, and end his misbegotten life.

Viril Zentrae

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