Abram Dust


Once imbibed, the tincture immediately produces a feeling of euphoria and impairs the user’s judgement, while improving his focus and reaction time. Users gain a bonus of +10 to their Agility and Perception and an additional Dodge reaction, although they suffer a –5 to their Willpower and Intelligence for the duration of the drug’s effects, which last for 1d5 Hours. Once the drug wears off, the user gains a level of Fatigue until rested. The substance is dangerous in large doses—if taken more than once in a 24 hour period, he must pass a Challenging (+0) Toughness Test or suffer 1d10 permanent Agility and 1d5 permanent Intelligence Damage.


Distilled from a crystalline flower native to Calamitus, the drug colloquially known as Abram Dust is a narcotic powder which causes the user’s senses to be effectively ‘overclocked’ when inhaled, leading to a drastic increase in reflexes at the cost of mental acuity. Addicts frequently come to feel themselves slowed down while not under the powder’s effects, likening it to walking through a pool of molasses.

Abram Dust

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