Plate and mail armour


Interlocking armour plates made of some unknown material,

Of a very ancient design, appears quite worn with paint scuffed off, gouges and indentations in armour plates. However any attempt to repair the damage fails, paint flakes off immediately after application and tools are blunted almost immediately.

Red plating that seems to change hue depending on the amount of ambient light and fits as if made for Karak, even though it appeared as if constructed for an ordinary human before adorning it.

Although it appears quite primitive, the armour incorporates many advanced systems such as an internal water supply, temperature controls and helmet sensory systems, also any damage that occurs to the armour self repairs in a matter of seconds.

Good Quality Enforcer light carapace
→AP Value 5 all locations(6 against first hit each round).
→Weight 15kg
→Incorporates Photo visor

Good quality Combat shield
→AP value 3 on body + arm wielding it

Name Class Damage Type Penetration Special Qualities Weight
Swordguard Melee 1D5 + SB I 0 Defensive, +5WS 1kg

Defensive: +15 when used to parry, -10 when used to attack


Found amongst the ruins of an ancient civilization on Firax IV by technobarbaric tribesmen, it was gifted to Karak as they saw him as an embodiment of their snake god.


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