Daemon's Breath

Pre-Heresy Inferno Pistol

weapon (ranged)

Bears a striking resemblance to a modern day Inferno Pistol, but with subtle differences.
Duel fuel tanks instead of the standard triple tanks.
Nozzle has a much higher beam focus.
Clearly ancient; covered in glyphs and elegant styling.
Very worn, clearly been in use for thousands of years.

Inferno Pistol

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Qualities Weight
Daemon’s Breath Pistol 10m S/-/- 2D10+10E 15 2 Full 2.5kg

The true orgin of this ancient weapon is unknown. All records appear to put it as an extremely early pattern of the newly discovered Infernus pistol used by the Astartes chapters. The engravings and decoration upon the weapon seem to show that at some point in the past it was used by a member of the Adeptus Custodes. The weapon uses two fuel tanks instead of the current standard of three, but this flaw is counted by a truly archeotech barrel and nozzle, allowing the weapon to deliver a much more powerful burst of energy. The Daemon’s Breath is truly a piece of master-craftsmanship, but after millennia of use, it seems to have lost it incredible reliability.

Thale acquired the weapon through a shady deal well before his imprisonment on Maleziel, the exact nature of this deal is unknown to all but Thale, him being the only survivor.

Daemon's Breath

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