Death's Call

Regulator Pattern Boltgun Prototype

weapon (ranged)

Much smaller frame to a standard Boltgun.
Full length top iron sight with a snap lock for specially designed scopes.
Modified front grip designed for normal human use.
Quick shot selector allowing 2 rounds of special ammunition to be easily fired.
Modified firing mechanism allows firing of both cased rocket accelerated and caseless gas propelled bolts.

Good Boltgun

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Type Penetration Clip Reload Special Qualities Weight
Death’s Call Basic 90m S/2/4 1D10+5 X 4 24 Full Tearing, Reliable, Quick-fire Selector 5kg

Tearing: Roll 1 extra dice for damage and discard the lowest.
Reliable: If the weapon jams, roll 1D10. The weapon only jams if this roll is 10.
Quick-fire Selector: Weapon may hold 2 of any kind of bolt ammunition. Either of these bolts may be fired instead of the loaded ammunition. To replace these bolt it takes 3 full turns, as the front weapon grip has to be removed, but both shells are reloaded at the same time.

Alternate Ammo

Name Range RoF Damage Type Pen Special
Dragonfire 90m S/-/- 1D10+3 X 4 Targets within 2 meters may catch fire
Hellfire 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 4 Ignores natural Armour, Righteous Fury on 9+
Implosion 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 4 If at least 1 point of damage is taken, take 1D5 Agility Damage
Kraken 135m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 8
Metal Storm 90m S/-/- 1D10+3 X 2 Blast (2)
Stalker 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 4 Impossible to hear
Vengeance 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 9 Felling (1), 91-100 hits users arm at pen 5
Acid 90m S/-/- 2D10 E 0 Sets on fire, reduces armour by 1
Organgrinder 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 4 Extra damage on failed toughness test
Tracer 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 X 4 +5BS tests in fog/smoke/darkness
Tempest 90m S/-/- 1D10+5 E 4 Shocking, +3 Damage against Machines

The Regulator pattern Boltgun, codenamed “Death’s Call”, was a prototype weapon developed on a private forge world of the Fallaset dynasty. It’s purpose was simple: A cheap and lightweight Boltgun for use by Fallaset security personal and soldiers. The weapon exceeded expectations in every way; it was lighter and easier to handle then the Astartes or common Imperial variants without loosing any firepower; it had full support for all standard ammunition and clip types; as well two feeds for special ammunition where advanced sensors would normally be placed in a common Boltgun pattern. This sensors where replaced with a quick-swap scope/sight system on top of the weapon, so it could be easily modified for the task at hand.

As the weapon was preparing mass production, word got out of it’s success and Rogue Trader Dynasty’s started to worry about the tip of power that would come from such a weapon in the hands of a rival. Thale was hired by once such house to obtain the weapon and to return it for reverse engineering. The job was completed without a hitch, but the Dynasty responsible for the contract decided that his survival was too much of a risk and tried to have him killed. Thale easily out maneuvered his attackers and kept the weapon for himself, and from that day forward he has survived numerous attempts on his life for the potential power he holds.

Death's Call

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