Emperor's Ascendancy

Inquisitorial Artificer Power Armour


Standard Power Armour
- 8 AP
- Hulking Bodysize
- +20 Strength

Jury-Rigged Battery Pack:
5-hour life at combat strength


Imagine if you will, an Astropath, born of a penal world and privy to various lascivious types of people and their resources, (See ITS, Penal World: Underground Rescources) who, after being rescued from a teeming hulk, gets some free time on Footfall. As he plumbs the shops for a worthwhile upgrade, he encounters a less-than-legitimate trader with innate psyker ability. He takes a moment to get to know the man, one Haddon Hob, who seems not at all surprised at this revelation of his manifested ability, but does not want to harness it. Right then and there, the Black ship tithe and the authorities behind it arrive. The Astropath, having read a strong sense of good and faithfulness in Haddon, protects him from their inquiries, giving him the chance to elude servitude on a ship or amongst the doomed masses of the Astronomicon’s choir. It is risky and borders on the Astropath’s exposure, but success is attained. In exchange, as well as firm friendship, Haddon searches amongst his wares to find the finest (and not surprisingly most recent) acquisition in his store. He shares a dire warning though, “This item is VERY hot. As in, straight from the Inquisition’s burning pyres – hot. You never saw me or this item together. May it protect you lest it be found out.”

It wasn’t hard for the young Astropath to realise the truth in Haddon’s words, for the armour was emblazoned with a wide variety of symbols and wards of great cost and importance. It would undoubtedly be a powerful sort that once owned this armour. Unbeknownst to him, however, this Armour had blazed a trail of misfortune through the less scrupulous masses, being stolen not only once, but twice. First stolen (or better put, taken with extreme prejudice) from Inquisitor Adius Hacisio, snatched along with his last breath by an ambitious and incredibly stupid Rogue Trader named Tristan Theodore. This brutish, nay, apeish inheritor of the Theodore dynasty was, as is expected from the incredibly stupid, duped of his prize by another unknown thief. From that point it travelled until it reached Haddon Hob’s store.

Further acquisition of a battery pack worth its salt will be required.

Emperor's Ascendancy

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