combi crossbow/shotgun

weapon (ranged)

Appears to be a large crossbow but it cleverly conceals a pump and breach in the stock, a fully functional pump action shotgun.

Its complex construction speaks of very high technological advancement which is at odds with the relatively simple weapons it combines.

Very useful for blending in on feudal worlds.

Combi-Weapon: Crossbow Shotgun

Name Class Range Damage Type Penetration Clip Reload Special Qualities Weight
Pump Action Shotgun Basic 30m 1D10+4 I 0 8 2 Scatter, Shot selector 5kg
Crossbow Basic 30m 1D10 I 0 1 2 Primitive, Toxic 1.5kg

If fired at point blank range, every two degrees of success gains another hit.
At long and extreme range all AP are doubled.
→Ricks house rule: Scatter weapons double range modifiers.

Modified Shot Selector:
An 8-round revolver clip allows the firer to rapidly switch between shells loaded in the gun. In theory 8 different shells could be loaded and rapidly swapped between.

AP is doubled against it unless armour also has the Primitive quality

Make a T test with a -5 penalty for every point of damage taken after AP and T.
If failed immediately takes another D10 damage with no AP or T reduction.

Special Ammunition:

Name Weapon Special
Acid Shells Shotgun 2D10E Damage, Ag test or catch fire, AP -1 per hit
Amputator Shells Shotgun +2 to weapon damage
Toxic Bolts Crossbow Weapon gains toxic quality

The tale of this weapon is a long and proud one. Lovingly hand crafted by artificers, this weapon has been passed down from father to son in the Lewis family more than 2 millienia. No hand but a Lewis had touched it for generations, it had slain many foes and been mounted on countless mantlepieces. This unbroken line was hacked to pieces by the whirling teeth of Gorefather; and peeled out of cold, unmoving hands by Karak.

It has since seen much use in the field with its new owner, many an enemy has been surprised by a sudden shotgun blast after an un-racked crossbow is pointed at them.


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