Impiety's Penalty

Flagship of the Clawface Fleet


The Basics:

Class: Frigate Hull: Sword
Speed: 8 Maneuverability: 20 Detection: 10 Turret Rating: 2
Shields: 1 Armour: 18 Hull Integrity: 35
Essential Components Supplemental Components
Command Bridge Tenebro-Maze
Vitea Pattern Life Sustainer Astropathic Choir Chamber
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive Murder-Servitors
Strelov 1 Warp Engine
Gellar Field
Emergency Gellar Field
M201.b Auger array
Clan-Kin Quarters


Type Location Power Space Strength Damage Critical Range
Sunsear Laser Battery Dorsal 6 4 4 1D10+2 4 9
Sunsear Laser Battery Dorsal 6 4 4 1D10+2 4 9

Complications and Past History:

Complication Past History
Wrothful Emissary Of The Imperator

Ship Roles:

Character Role
Argustus Lord-Captain
Thale Master of Whispers
Karak Twistcatcher
Titus Master Helmsman
Aestaban Engineseer Prime
Echo Choir Master Telepathica
Viril Warp Guide

Background and Description



Impiety's Penalty

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