Quinilli Legacy

Reverberation Staff


Best Quality Shocking Staff

Name Class Damage Type Penetration Special Qualities Weight
Quinilli Legacy Melee 1D5+4+SB I 2 Shocking , +10 to Hit, Mono 2kg

Note: Shocking = If wounded, target makes toughness test with +10 for every AP at location hit. If failed, stunned for a number of rounds half damage taken.


With the Black Ship Tithe imminently separating them, the Quinilli parents passed along their last untraded heirloom to Echo. Their Legacy, a Reverberation Staff as they knew it.

Echo had not heard the tales of this Staff’s Origins. Most were not so much about what it achieved, but what it bore witness to. The Quinilli’s line of psykers had many great Astropaths along the way. Some were servants of the God Emperor directly through servitude to his many forces. Some stood in the shadow of great, influential or infamous Rogue Traders…

But in one case it stood taller than all others. Though it saw and heard many great deeds, when it was toted by a woman who was both Rogue Trader and Sanctioned Astropath at once, that was when it witnessed true glory. At the time of her appearance, it was rumoured that the woman was a second coming of the God Emperor himself, some immaculately concieved child (despite her direct descendancy from the Quinilli) or manifest reincarnation of the Emperor (a theory quite supported despite his continued presence on the throne). In truth there was no evidence of such esteemed progeny, the rumours were first borne from her completely undamaged state after being bound to the Emperor as all Astropaths are. Many also questioned why kin of the Emperor would need such a binding, or why she did not show the great strengths and genetic superiority of the Emperor himself.

What kept the rumours from dying completely were her actions. After inheriting her Father’s warrant of trade she left her home on Hredrin, the Quinilli line continuing through others, completed her binding to the Emperor and began a pilgrimage across known Imperial space. Her journeys were well documented and seemed at first utterly random, but in time began to suggest an almost divine purpose. She was taking direct and systematic routes between lost, abandoned or otherwise desperate souls. Ships sending doomed distress calls, colonies unable to continue sustaining themselves, the surviving victims of slave raids and xeno conquest; the list was inexhaustible. Any deviations from this holy quest were few and seemed to be only for supplies.

It was suggested that her connection to the Emperor and her potent grasp of the warp were such that she could magnify almost any distress call, no matter how faint. Even ones that had stopped or had not yet begun. Throughout these many rescues she bore the Staff of the Quinilli, though she never used it as a weapon, so it is said.

After 500 years of the beginning of her quest, her staunch refusal to take the time to acquire juvenant had finally caught up to her. So busy saving lives she had grown irreparably old. Though her deeds were legendary she firmly denied any blood-bond to the Emperor throughout her sacred life. Before her passing to old age (a distinct rarity in the Imperium) she passed the warrant of trade to the next inheritor in the dynasty. She then returned the staff to the family Quinilli, in the hope another would appear to do the same good.

The staff itself was largely forgotten from these tales. The tales themselves never would be.

Quinilli Legacy

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