Pair of ancient hellpistols disguised as flintlocks

weapon (ranged)

A pair of identical pistols

Wooden stocks incorporating elongated barrels with flared ends.
Flintlock firing mechanism to hide the weapons true nature.
Fires devastating laser blasts akin to hellpistols.
No visible way to remove or insert an ammo pack, they appear to recharge themselves over a period of about 24 hours

Best Quality Modified Hellpistols

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Qualities Weight
Redemption Pistol 35m 1D10+4 E 7 20 x Never Jams 4kg

Discovered amongst the ruins of Firax IV by techno barbaric tribesmen, these pistols were gifted to Karak as they saw him as an embodiment of their Snake God. Their devastating power and infinite reliability belies their primitive form; and it is unknown if they are of imperial manufacture or some sort of xenotech, designed so aliens could blend in amongst primitive humans. Regardless of their origins, they have proven their worth many times over on the battlefield and never leave Karak’s side.


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