Ancient Chainaxe

weapon (melee)

Single sided chainaxe with ancient script across the head, appears to translate to “Gorefather”
Elaborate scrollwork running down the haft.
Adamantium construction with Diamond like teeth looked to be taken from some great beast.

Good Quality Chainaxe

Name Class Damage Type Penetration Special Qualities Weight
Gorefather Melee 1D10+4+SB Rending 2 Tearing, +5WS 13kg

Tearing: Roll 1 extra dice for damage and discard the lowest


Found by tribesmen on the ice planet Firax IV amongst ancient technologically advanced ruins, still clutched by a massive armoured white and blue fist.

Passed onto Karak by the tribesmen who saw him as an embodyment of their snake god, it was then used to cut down Karak’s twisted creator.

Nothing is known of its origins prior to it being gifted to Karak. Though clearly of imperial origin, the technology used in its construction has not been seen in millenia. Karak has taken the great weapon to many an armourer and weaponsmith and none have been able to identify the great, diamond-like teeth that are embedded in the weapons massive head.

Though still perfectly functional, the years have taken their toll on Gorefather. Fine etchings and scrollwork are chipped and dented, its glory faded after uncounted years resting in the frozen wasteland of Firax IV. Perhaps the touch of a true master weaponsmith could bring this weapon back to its former glory.


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