Micro-system located within the Crystal Cayes

Description and Background

Resting place of the long-lost Niveus Astrum, Calamitus borders on habitibility. Racked by storms and powerful winds, the planet’s inhabitants cluster around the wreckage of the ship like moths to a dying flame.

Type: Desert World
Owner: Unowned
Inhabitants: See below
Major Enemies: The environment and so-called ‘Mortuus’

Notable System Features

  • The Niveus Astrum: Now little more than a legend among the voidfarers of the Kronus Expanse, the Niveus Astrum was one one of a handful of Olympic class liners, some of the largest Imperial vessels ever constructed in the shipyards of Sol herself. Perhaps such a grand endeavor was marred by hubris from the start, for an ill fate claimed all of these great ships soon after they were launched. In 359.M39, the Niveus Astrum, captained by the Free Trader Heu Beowulf, set out for what is now the Calixis Sector to aid in the Angevin Crusades. Besides bringing troops and supplies, it is said that Beowulf also bore with him a precious gift intended for General Angevin himself, locked safely away in the ship’s most secure vault. However, Beowulf and the Niveus Astrum never arrived…
    Since colliding with the planet Calamitus centuries ago, the remaining populace have come to consider the ship both their home city and entire world. Legends of their arrival on the planet are now a matter of hot, occasionally militant debate.

The Factions

  • The Chatelaine: Almost a faction all to herself, the Chatelaine Montessa Quess has deftly managed the political quagmire of the Niveus Astrum’s various political groups, ascending to a position of universally acclaimed leadership. With all three of the Clavii in her position, she has been granted the title of Captain, a gift she graciously accepted.
  • The Ascendancy and the Anti-Ascendentists: The aristocratic faction known as the Ascendancy is comprised of the nobility and certain professional classes of high standing such as physicians, torturers, and barbers. They are fervently opposed by the Anti-Ascendentists, who espouse a classless society of equals. The conflict has also come to represent the creation myth of Calamitus, the Ascendancy believing that their home once traveled through the stars while the Anti-Ascendentists scoff at the idea of such a colossus flying through the air.
  • The Basillican Church and The Chancelic Reformers: Practicing only slightly divergent variants of the Imperial Creed, The Basilican and the Chancelics sects are rift by a great schism, both arguing the dogmatic correctness of their respective positions; that a place of worship should be referred to using the traditional term, Basilica, or with the more modern word, Chancel.
    The leader of the Basilica, Reverent Laudius, was recently placed into solitary confinement after attempting a coup. He did not survive interrogation.
  • The Vexillum and The Disorganized Labor Party: Responsible for the production of goods and the employment of the unskilled classes to good end, the Vexillum is opposed by The Disorganized Labor Party, who assert that they should receive some compensation for their labor and that the goods they produce should be available to all citizens of Calamitus. Despite the speciousness of this argument and a displaying both extreme ignorance due no doubt to their severe lack of education and training and their apparent utter lack of ability in providing these things for themselves, the DLP has managed to gain quite a following, mostly because they are so numerous.
    Rumours persist that the leader of the Disorganized Labor Party is the daughter of the Chatelaine, and was spotted leaving the guest quarters of the mercenary Thale.



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