Firax IV



This icy wasteland appears forbidding and lifeless, as if nothing has ever survived here. Looks can be deceiving…

  • Ice planet with a breathable atmosphere, ravaged by blizzards.
  • Extensive broken mountain ranges cover the planet, honeycombed with cave systems.

Native people

Somehow humans survive in this hellish environment, whether they are the descendants of the ancient civilation or of unlucky marooned spacefarers in unknown.

  • Technobarbaric tribesmen eke out a living in the extensive cave systems, worshipping relics of the ancient civilizations as magical devices sent from the gods.

Flora and Fauna
All life on this hostile planet survives in the underground caves, only going outside when absolutely necessary. Every creature is vicious and cunning, all plants are poisonous or deadly, there is no place for the weak on Firax IV

Notable native fauna:

  • Cave wyvern – Large wingless dragon like creature
  • Ice Bear – Great shaggy white bear, can weigh nearly a tonne
  • Tunnel rat – Large rat like creature that can grow up to 2 metres long
  • Hellcat – Vicious 6 legged cat that changes colour to suit its environment
  • Direwolf – Giant black wolf like animal, can grow up to 4 metres in length excluding the tail.
  • Hearox – Carnivorous Bovine, kept in herds by the tribesmen for food.

Notable native flora:

  • Acid weed – Moss that clings to cave walls, secretes a fluid that will eat through steel in a matter of seconds.
  • Glow bulbs – Bulb like protrusion that grows from cave ceilings, emits a faint greenish glow
  • Razor vine – Thin strands dangle from the ceiling and are razor sharp
  • Phosphor plant – small green shrub with tasty looking fruit, when fruits are opened the ignite instantly. Unpleasant if you bite into one.


  • Landscape is dotted with ancient ruins filled with technological marvels and hidden dangers, some shattered citys still have powerful defensive networks and trap systems in place.
  • Adeptus mechanicus explorator vessel was trapped beneath the glacial ice, what else lurks beneath its frozen surface?



Firax IV

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